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Handling a Septic Backup

septic tank san joseWhen your septic system backs up, a swift response is essential to minimize potential health and safety hazards that may occur. Here are some quick and easy steps to handle a septic system backup in San Francisco as you wait for emergency septic tank inspectors to arrive.

First, assess the risk of electrocution. If septic water has flooded a large area of your home, turn off the power before entering the area to prevent getting shocked by live wires, extension cords, or fixtures. Second, turn off the water main. If water is continuously flowing into your drains, additional flooding is likely to occur. Third, avoid contact with contaminated water. Sewage may seep into carpeting, furniture, and other materials. Make sure that you avoid these objects and dispose of them properly after stopping the septic system backup. Fourth, protect uncontaminated objects by moving them to safe areas of the home. Easily movable accessories and furniture should be elevated or relocated to prevent contact with sewage. Finally, vacate any contaminated areas until a septic system emergency maintenance crew arrives! Do not attempt to clean or remove sewage on your own for your own health and safety, simply wait for the septic tank inspectors to arrive.

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