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The Basics of Sewage and Septic Systems

Knowing the ins and outs of your septic tank system in San Francisco helps you take care of it, but it’s always smart to start with the basics. The septic tank is part of your plumbing system and aims to remove wastewater from the home. Watch this video to learn about the basics of sewage and septic systems.

Whenever you flush something down the drain, whether it’s your toilet or your shower drain, the wastewater and sewage needs to go somewhere. If you have a septic tank, this is where it will end up. Heavier solids will settle to the bottom of the tank and form the sludge layer, while lighter particles float to the top and form a layer of scum. Then, you’ll have a layer of wastewater flowing in the middle. This waste will make its way to the drain field, where treated wastewater returns to the soil.

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