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Distribution Boxes for San Francisco Septic Systems

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12'' Distribution Box

The Polylok Distribution Box is the most versatile box on the market today. You can choose what height you want your inlets and outlets to be. It also comes compete with the only seal on the market that accepts 2”, 3”, 4” and corrugated pipe. No more different fittings to inventory! It also comes with stabilizing feet to anchor the box.

San Francisco Septic Distribution

20'' Distribution, Drain & Valve Box (8 Hole / 7 Hole / 6 Hole)

The solution to all of your drainage needs with our new 20” Drain, Valve, & Meter Box! This box is great for large applications such as golf courses but is also a suitable size for the home. There’s no need to worry about different colored fittings or plugs to inventory because as well as accepting 2”, 3” & 4” pipe, our box can also accept 6” pipe. Our 20” Drain Box will also accept our 20” Risers so you can easily bring the Drain Box to grade. It is the most versatile Drain Box available on the market today!

Distribution Box for San Francisco Septic


Patented weir opening maintains equal flow even in unlevel D-Boxes that continue to move their entire lives. Simple to install, just push into any 4'' pipe, SCH. 40, SDR 35, and thin wall. Adjustment knob moves opening up or down in 1/16'' increments; total movement is 7/8''. It has a watertight fit and is made with tough engineered plastic that will not corrode. It can be installed without tools.

Patent No# 5,154,353; 5,107,892; 5,680,989

San Francisco Septic Equalizer


Roto-Flow enables equal distribution to your leaching fields. Available in 3'' and 4'' sizes. The Roto-Flow gives you the low cost solution to your D-Box flow regulating problems. The simple Roto-Flow for D-Box outlet pipes gives you the easiest “set & forget” flow regulator available.

The Roto-Flow fits both Schedule 40, SDR 35 and thin wall pipe sizes. Simply place the Roto-Flow into the D-Box outlet pipe, and adjust to equalize flow.

Roto-Flo San Francisco

Orifice Diffuser

Polylok’s Orifice Diffuser ensures even distribution on lateral piping from all orifices in any system by separating the discharge orifice from the drain media; which effectively protects the system. Because of low pressure in most wastewater systems, typically 1-3 psi, it is extremely important to assure drainage media does not interfere with the discharge orifices. Systems should be designed with the use of an orifice diffuser on all discharge holes to assure even distribution and even system pressure after backfilling.

Patent Pending

Septic Orifice Diffuser San Francisco


Polylok's dipper box guarantees uniform dosing for leaching systems. The Dipper is designed on the basic pivot and balance principle which insures equal distribution. The system works in unity instead of a ''trickle effect'' by providing equal flow distribution to each outlet. Polylok’s Dipper is easily installed in any septic system. Whether existing, new, reclining or flat — the action of the Dipper allows the entire system to work in unison. Insist on the DIPPER.

U.S. Patent No# 4,838,731

Dipper for San Francisco Septic Systems

Hydro Shield

Prevent clogged drainage holes with the easy to install, and inexpensive Hydro Shield!

The Hydro Shield is a practical solution for protecting pressure distribution field pipes from external contamination. The unique, patent pending design offers a wide range of benefits and will accommodate 3 sizes of pipe.

San Francisco Hydro Shield

Flow Controller

Ideal for alternating or dividing flows between two separate fields. Easily installs by attaching directly to SCH 40 or SDR 35 pipe. Our unique channel split design enables an equal split of the waste stream. Additionally the valve can be set for equal distribution (factory setting) or all distribution to the right or left.

Septic Flow Controller in San Francisco
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