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High Pressure Septic Filter in San Francisco

High Pressure Effluent Filter in San Francisco

Benefits of an Effluent Filter

In difficult drainage environments, where you want to spread the effluent out as much as possible and ensure you do not clog your media, this high pressure filter will act as a second level of filtration and will keep your orifice lines clean. This filter is ideal for filtering solids before they reach the drain field, especially when you are working with advanced systems, pressure dosing systems, or poor soil conditions. With land at a premium, many new homes and business parks are being developed on challenging real estate. Make sure your next project includes a Polylok High Pressure Filter!

The filter installs on the discharge side of any effluent pump. Dual stainless steel screens prevent solids greater than 1/20” from passing to the drain field. This filter is easy to install and requires no special tools to remove it for service. It is accessible from grade level. An independent third-party testing indicates a TSS reduction of 30-40%.

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