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Septic Tank Additive in the San Francisco Bay Area

After water leaves your home's drains, it goes through a series of pipes until it reaches your septic tank. Once there, the tank separates liquid waste and solid waste. The liquid waste goes into the drain field while solid waste remains and is pumped on a regular basis. It's important to note that some factors can disrupt this process. If you suspect that your septic tank isn't performing as well as it should, you might consider asking your septic tank expert about additives. The professionals at A1 Septic Tank will gladly answer all your questions about septic tank additives and how they can benefit your system.

Types of Additives

Before you experiment with additives, you should be aware of the different kinds of additives and what they do. It's recommended that you refrain from adding additives to your septic tank until you get the go-ahead from a professional.

  • Chemical Additives: Chemical additives are synthetic liquids and powers that are chiefly designed to get rid of clogs. While these additives are effective at breaking up clogs, they can have a negative effect on the environment. Most professionals advise against using chemical additives.
  • Biological Additives: Yeast, bacteria, and enzymes can aid the natural decomposition of waste. The best part of biological additives is that they do not harm the environment. A septic tank expert can help you determine exactly which additives will work best for your system.

Benefits of Additives

The best way to ensure that additives enhance your tank's performance is to consult a professional. If used correctly, additives can bring the following benefits.

  • Restore Balance: Fertilizer, chemicals, and other items can compromise the natural breakdown of waste. Adding the right additives can help restore the balance of healthy and natural bacteria and enzymes.
  • Hasten Decomposition: Additives can help hasten the decomposition of solids or facilitate the decomposition of solids that might otherwise remain solid. This can put less pressure on your septic system can give you greater peace of mind.
  • Reduce Pumping: The breaking up of solids can decrease the amount of sludge in your tank while increasing the amount of effluent. This means that more waste will exit through your drainfield, reducing the need for pumping.

Though additives may reduce your need for pumping, they will not eliminate that need altogether. For more information about septic tank additives, call A1 Septic Tank of San Jose at (510) 886-4455. We also provide septic tank installation, maintenance, repairs, and other services.

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