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Septic Tank Pumping Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

A-1 Tank Services has been p umping and cleaning septic tanks for over 64 years. We are the septic and sewer cleaning experts for the San Francisco Bay Area. A-1 Septic Tank Pumping utilizes only state of the art equipment, giving you the most cost effective, environmentally safe septic tank services possible.

A-1 Tank Service provides 24 hour emergency service and free consultations for all your septic and non-hazardous pumping needs.

We offer:

  • Real Estate Inspections - Before or After the sale Septic Tank Inspections and Reports
  • Residential Maintenance cleaning, pumping and emptying of your septic tank
  • 24 Hour Septic Tank Pumping Service. Our service is second to none! We Will Beat Anyone's Price!
  • Construction Services - A-1 Septic Service installs standard and complex septic systems.
  • Parts & Repair Services - A-1 Septic Tank Service offers several categories of waste disposal parts and accessories. Click here to visit our Products Pages

About Septic

Households that are not served by public sewers usually depend on a septic system to dispose of wastewater. There are many different types of septic systems designed to fit a wide range of soil and site conditions. These include mound systems, sand filter systems and pressure distribution systems.

A standard septic system consists of two main parts; the septic tank and the leach field. Between the tank and the leach field is a distribution box that distributes wastewater to several absorption (leach) fields. Some locations depending on the time of installation may only have one absorption (leach)field.

If the leach field is not absorbing properly it can cause high water levels in the tank which is over flow, or back-ups in the house appliances or fixtures. Any of these issues will require pumping or emptying of the septic system and additional trouble shooting to ensure that the problem is resolved completely.

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