3 Signs Your Septic System Needs Hydro Jetting

Your septic system takes care of the waste that comes out of your house, and maintaining it properly will help you avoid problems. Hydro jetting in San Francisco might be what you need to improve the performance of your septic system and keep your home clean, safe, and healthy. You might need hydro jet cleaning if you notice that your pipes have been clogged, and this can also bring about bad smells. Hard water comes with a multitude of problems, but hydro jetting can help. Read on for signs that your septic system could use hydro jetting.

1. Clogs in Your Pipes

If you are not familiar with hydro jetting, it is one type of septic system maintenance tasks that can improve your home or business. Hydro jet cleaning can be particularly effective when dealing with clogs in your system. Clogs may cause your toilet, sink, or bathtub drain to take a noticeably longer time to empty out your waste into your septic tank. As such, it can also lead to drain backups and ultimately contribute to an unhealthy living space. Your septic tank professional can use hydro jetting to clear out your pipes, alleviate your clogs, and restore the efficient functioning of your septic system.

2. Unpleasant Smells

One of the negative side effects of clogs is the buildup of old food scraps and debris that can accumulate in your pipes. When waste products are allowed to stay in your pipes, they can become stale and moldy. This won’t help the smells in your residential or commercial kitchen, so you might want to talk to your professional about hydro jetting. You can also toss some lemon peels into your garbage disposal and run the water for a fresher scent.

3. Hard Water

When your water contains too much calcium and magnesium, it can leave a scaly residue on your dishes and even your washing machine. This can also be a sign that you need hydro jetting, and it’s a good idea to seek this service sooner rather than later. Hard water can make your water-based appliances less efficient, which will cost you more money.

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