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3 Tasks That Help Maintain Your Septic System

3 Tasks That Help Maintain Your Septic System

Maintaining your home’s septic tank system may seem like a daunting task, especially when thinking about the potential attack on your senses. The mere thought of going through the stink may be enough to make your toes curl, but the process itself isn’t difficult. You only need to be mindful of all your household tasks, and you’ll keep your system as healthy as ever.

Since such tasks aren’t complicated, you don’t need to shell out a ton of money on maintenance either. Failing to take good care of your septic, however, will cost you more money than necessary—especially if you end up having to replace it.

How to Properly Maintain Your Septic System

Don’t flush your dollars down the drain and keep your surroundings smelling pleasant—here are 3 tasks to help you properly maintain your septic system:

Task #1: Have your septic pumped regularly

Your septic system will eventually hold more solids than necessary, compelling you to have it pumped. This should ideally be done every three to five years depending on the size of the tank, which will cost you a reasonable amount of up to $600. Keep in mind that such a task cannot be done alone, as you’ll need special tools and equipment to siphon the system clean.

You’ll want to call a special septic provider, as they’ll also make sure to examine the entire system for any leaks. The service may cost a lot, but the hundreds of dollars can never compare to a $10,000 replacement tank—you’d be glad to have scheduled regular routines!

Task #2: Remember never to treat your toilet like a garbage bin

The toilet isn’t designed to act as a trash can wherein you can just discard random objects. It’s designed to flush down human waste, and it can only handle that along with toilet paper. Septic tanks can break down these things with ease, but it will have a lot of problems handling other objects.

When you flush down things such as diapers, wet wipes, feminine products, and other random objects, you risk clogging and damaging your toilet and your septic system. Another consideration is to only flush down toilet paper that’s safe for septic tanks because some toilet papers could also clog the septic system or release harmful chemicals in it.

Task #3: Be mindful of what comes down your kitchen sink

Oftentimes, it’s tempting to just discard food and other items down the kitchen sink, but doing so could also harm your septic system and cause all sorts of problems. To avoid this, it’s best to avoid dumping things like eggshells, flour, coffee grounds, and other common kitchen waste down the drain.

Cooking oil, grease, fat, dairy products, and even paint are also common causes of septic system problems because the buildup can cause clogs and blocks in the system. With the oxygen-poor environment in the septic tank, it’s hard for these wastes to break down. In line with this, it’s important to only drain easily-biodegradable material down your garbage disposal to avoid the risk of damaging your septic system.

What should I do when problems come up?

Despite all your diligent care, however, sometimes mechanisms just fail. Your septic system may end up backing up, and the signs will be inescapable. You need to keep your eye and nose out on the field, as the signs can be the following:

  • Sewage bubbling up, which will end up smelling
  • Grass and weeds are suddenly growing at an alarming rate
  • Your drains are slowing down
  • There are gurgling signs

Enlisting The Help Of The Best Septic Tank Service Provider

Protecting the integrity of your septic tank system is entirely doable once you are aware of the few tasks required to maintain your septic system. It’s a huge system that’s often overlooked and feared, mainly because of a few common myths. It’s best to start taking good care of it from now on, however, especially if warning signs begin to come up!

If you’re looking for professional help to maintain your septic system, A-1 Septic Tank Service, Inc. provides septic tank pumping, installation, repair, and more! We serve Santa Clara County and surrounding areas, ensuring that your home system stays safe, clean, and odorless. Book an appointment with our experts today!


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