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types of pipes for plumbing

6 Major Types of Pipes for Plumbing Pros & Cons

Learn the major different types of pipes for plumbing

Copper Pipes

Copper Piping is one of the most expensive of the pipe industry. But they do have their benefits. Copper piping is very durable and can last many decades without having to repipe. This kind of piping his very temperature resistant making it the choice for industrial buildings.


Very durable at least 50 years

Not prone to corroding or rusting in comparison to other metal pipes.

Long Life Span

Works well for hot and cold water

Resistant to bacteria growth



Can burst if it gets frozen

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipes are best known for its noise resistance. For that reason, they are commonly used in apartment buildings. Cast-Iron pipes are commonly used for waste disposal for commercial buildings as well.  They also can withstand high pressure and a very long-life span.


Very Durable can last over 70 years

Very Quiet

Can be repaired by replacing the pipe with PVC



Repairs can be costly

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Galvanized steel pipes are types of pipes for plumbing that is seldomly being used today because of its affordability


Not as expensive as copper pipes

Can withstand high water pressure

Works well for hot and cold water


Corrosion can lead contaminated

Prone to rusting

May have discoloration and lead in the water when corroding

Can start corroding as little as 15 years

PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) Pipes

PEX pipes are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings. These pipes are not only inexpensive in comparison to its counterparts, but they are also very flexible. Because PEX pipe can get contaminated with fertilizer in the ground, California has set some regulations. Check with your local county for regulations on PEX pipes.


Does not corrode or rust

Can withstand high water pressure

Very flexible

Works well for hot and cold water

Uses fewer connections and joints

Better resistance to freezing in comparison to copper

Less expensive in comparison to copper


Can be easily contaminated

Not as long of a life span in comparison to copper

CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipes

CPVC pipes har nearly the same benefits as PVC pipes but they have the integrity of copper pipes. In recent years, CPVC pipes have been slowly replacing copper pipes. Because of its durability, CPVC pipes are more expensive than PVC pipes but less than copper.


Easy to work with

More flexible than PVC

Can handle high water pressure

Can be safe for drinking water

Has a higher melting point in comparison to PVC pipes


More expensive than PVC pipes

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are one of the most popular types of pipes for plumbing. They are inexpensive and flexible like PEX pipes but they are less resistant to corrosion due to its surroundings. PVC pipes are better for stand-alone piping. These pipes are a lot easier to install as well.





Can withstand high water pressure



Doesnt handle heat well, can cause warping.

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