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A Look at Some Common Septic Tank Emergencies

If you have a septic tank attached to your home, you need to do routine septic tank cleaning in order to avoid major emergencies. Over time, your septic tank will fill with sludge and other solids that will need to be cleaned out to keep your septic system in San Francisco working properly. If you fail to pump your septic tank out on a regular basis, it will often lead to problems. Here are just a few of the septic tank emergencies that can affect your septic system if you aren’t careful.

Overflowing Toilets

When sludge and other solids build up inside of your septic tank and you don’t have septic tank cleaning done to remove them, wastewater will have a difficult time entering your tank. As a result, it will end up coming back up through your plumbing system and causing your toilets to overflow. It can also make its way up through sinks, bathtubs, and even washing machines. It will create a big mess and force you to seek septic tank treatment right away.

Wastewater in Yard

Your septic system includes what is called a soakaway, which is a pit filled with rocks, gravel, and dirt that is designed to get rid of the wastewater that you put into your septic system. If your soakaway fails, it may cause overflowing to occur in your home, but it may also have an effect on your yard. Wastewater can actually come up through your yard and pool on the surface when your soakaway is not functioning like it should. A septic tank company will have to come out to your home and investigate the problem to prevent water from pooling on your property.

Damage to Septic Tank

Septic tanks are not meant to last forever. Most will need to be replaced every 15 or 20 years. If you have an older septic tank that needs to be replaced, it might become damaged and lead to a septic emergency. You should have septic tank inspection done every year to evaluate the condition of your tank.

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