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Answers to Common Questions About Septic Systems

Answers to Common Questions About Septic Systems

Many homeowners have several questions about their septic tanks in San Francisco. These questions are usually regarding the frequency with which the system should be inspected or pumped and how to keep things running smoothly. Here is a look at a few answers to common questions about septic systems.

How Often Should I Have My System Inspected?

Septic systems should be inspected on a specific schedule. Most septic tanks should be inspected about every three years to ensure maximum functioning and efficiency. However, certain types of systems that feature pumps or electrical float switches should be inspected more routinely, about once per year. You can consult your operation and maintenance records to determine how often your system should be pumped based on levels of sludge and scum in your tank.

When Should My Tank Be Pumped?

There are a number of circumstances that indicate that your septic tank should be pumped, but if these situations do not occur then you should arrange a septic tank pumping every three to five years. Have a septic tank pumping service check your scum and sludge layers; your tank should be pumped if the top of the sludge layer is within one foot of the outlet tee or the bottom of the sludge layer is within half of a foot of the bottom outlet tee.

How Can I Prevent Complications?

You can maintain an efficient waste disposal system by following a few simple rules. Make sure that heavy equipment and automobiles stay away from the drain field, which should only be covered by a layer of mowed grass. There are also ways that you can prevent your drain field from experiencing water overload. Try minimizing the time you spend in the shower and making the most of your loads of laundry. Do not damage your waste disposal system by flushing the wrong types of products down the toilet; plastics, napkins, and other materials that are not biodegradable should never be flushed. In addition, be cognizant of what you put down your garbage disposal because the wrong materials can similarly have negative effects on your septic system.

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