Answers to Your Questions About Septic System Installation

Every household generates a certain amount of waste, but you may have a few options when deciding how you should handle it. When it comes to the waste that flows through your pipes, a septic tank installation in San Francisco might be what your home needs. Before you commit to a septic system, however, you might have some questions. You should know why it’s important to work with septic tank professionals, how installation works, and what a septic tank can bring to your property. Here are the answers to some questions about septic system installation.

What does a septic system do?

A septic system is made up of a septic tank, a drain field, and the pipes that connect your tank and your home. The purpose is to transport waste and wastewater from your home to a safe and sanitary place, which is your septic tank. Inside the tank, your waste will separate into 3 layers, and every now and then you’ll need to have it pumped. Waste will move from the home to the first chamber of the septic tank, and then the middle layer of effluent waste will pass through a baffle into a second compartment. Then the waste will make its way out of the tank and into the drain field, where it will finish its treatment and be dispersed into the lawn.

How does installation work?

When you have decided on a septic tank installation company and are ready to get started, your professionals will dig a large hole in your yard. Then the team can install the septic tank as well as the necessary pipes and connections before filling in the rest of the area. The tank will go through a final inspection before the yard is restored to normal and your septic tank can be used to treat your waste.

Why work with the professionals?

Septic tank installation is not a task you can complete on your own, and proper installation is necessary if you want your investment to work properly. Find a professional septic tank company to install your new unit and teach you how it works.

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