Be Sure to Avoid These Septic System Mistakes

A brand new septic system in San Francisco may work flawlessly, but you must provide septic tank maintenance if you want to keep it functioning that way. Fortunately keeping your system in top shape after your initial septic tank installation is not necessarily a difficult process. Be sure to pay attention to what you flush down the toilet, use your garbage disposal properly, and have a professional inspect and maintain your system. Unfortunately, there are a few pitfalls you could run into, so be sure to avoid these septic system mistakes.

Extravagant Flushing

It is important to realize that certain materials should not be flushed down the toilet. While you might have already explained to your children that flushing their toys down the toilet is a bad idea, there are some other materials that should also stay away from this type of drain. Toilet paper is meant to be flushed, but only in certain quantities. Napkins, paper towels, and diapers, on the other hand, should not be flushed down the toilet. Attempting to flush these materials can lead to clogs, toilet backups, and other septic system problems. Always flush with care.

Improper Garbage Disposal Use

Much like the toilet, the garbage disposal is often used improperly as well. There is no problem with scraping small scraps of food off of your plate and into the garbage disposal. However, the garbage disposal is no place for large scraps or entire uneaten meals. Your garbage disposal will not be able to handle this volume of food, and you may end up with a plumbing disaster on your hands. It is also important to realize that cooking greases, oils, and fats should never be added to your garbage disposal or poured down your kitchen drain, as they can quickly lead to clogs and backups as well.

Lack of Maintenance

You will need to have your septic tank pumped at least once every five years. Have your septic tank specialist inspect your system and let you know exactly when you should have yours pumped. Failing to do so can reduce its efficiency and lead to a range of problems.

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