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Best Toilet Paper Brands for Your Septic Tank & RV

Does it matter what toilet paper you use? Yes, yes it does and you need to know the best toilet paper brands for septic systems. Your septic tank should be pumped every 3 to 5 years depending on your family size and usage of the system. What determines how often you should pump is solely up to how you maintain your septic system. This includes what you are flushing and how often you get it inspected. In our previous blog, “Don’t Flush These Items Down Your Toilet,” we talked about what everyday objects that shouldn’t be flushed. Now, we are here to tell you the best toilet paper brands that you should be flushing down to get the most out of your septic tank’s life.


The best toilet paper brands are rapid dissolving ones.


Toilet paper made is made to dissolve in water. In efforts to prevent clogging, toilet paper is designed to rapidly break apart in a short time period creating more space in your septic tank. The best kind to get is biodegradable toilet paper. Biodegradable toilet paper is the choice for RV’s and septic tanks. Although it does not have the expensive and quilted feel to it, your wallet and your septic tank will thank you for it.

Best toilet paper brands we recommend:

Scott Paper Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue

  • 1-Ply
  • Claims to breakdown 4x faster than the leading brands

Cottonelle’s Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 2-Ply

Thetford Campa RV & Marine Toilet Paper

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 2-Ply

Avoid the Luxurious Toilet Paper

Often, we see brands that can hold together well. That is not what you want if you have an RV or a septic system. The more the ply, the more it absorbs. If your toilet paper is too busy absorbing the water, it is only decreasing the space you have available in your septic tank. Thicker toilet paper also has the potential to create blockages. Many of the emergency calls we get for septic tanks are due to toilet paper clogs. Not only are quilted and softer toilet papers destructive to septic systems, but they are also significantly more expensive.

It’s best to opt out of the three-ply and settle for single ply. Remember: Not all brands that claim to be “Septic Safe” are really septic safe.


Avoid Paper Products

In the cases where toilet paper is not accessible, it is natural to respond by grabbing a couple of napkins or paper towels. Do not flush them. Because paper is damaged by water, it may seem like it is safe to flush down your toilet. However, the only paper product that should ever be flushed down a toilet is toilet paper. Toilet paper is specifically manufactured to disintegrate in water, making it safe to flush through your plumbing and septic system.

However, other types of paper products are not designed to break down as quickly when exposed to water, meaning they can easily cause clogs. Your toilets and plumbing are not equipped to handle scrap paper, paper packaging or wrapping, paper towels, or tissues. According to consumer reports, flushable wipes should never be flushed down in septic tanks. Flushable wipes, even when they claim they are flushable, can cause harm to the environment and sanitary sewer.  Click the link below for more information about how dangerous flushable wipes can be to septic systems: 

If you are experiencing clogging or the toilet backing up. Give us a call. We are the septic care technicians of choice in San Francisco and it’s surrounding areas. Our goal is to educate the public on all things of septic systems and nonhazardous waste removal. We believe that sharing our knowledge is the best way to decrease the number of emergency calls, saving time and money. A-1 Septic Tank Service Inc is dedicated to giving the best services while working with your budget. Get in contact with one of our technicians for all of your residential septic tank needs.

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