Choosing the Right Septic Tank Additive

The right septic tank additive in San Francisco to use in your system depends on what you’re looking to accomplish. There are a few different kinds of additives, but they’re largely broken down into two groups: chemical and biological. Using the right additive at the right time can keep your septic system healthy and reduce the need for repairs. If you’re not sure what kind of additive to use, you should ask your septic system professional before throwing anything into the mix. If you’re interested in learning more about your septic tank and you want to know what kind of additive you need, read on for a hand in making the right choice.

The main breakdown of septic tank additives is whether they’re chemical or biological. You can use chemical additives to do away with clogs, but this option isn’t necessarily environmentally friendly. Biological additives are natural and harmless to the environment, and they can also be effective in breaking down waste. When additives aren’t being used to break waste down, they’re used to balance out the bacteria and enzymes present in your septic system. The strategic use of the right septic tank additives keeps your plumbing system working efficiently.

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