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Curing Septic Odors

Your septic system in San Francisco may not be the first thing you bring up when talking about your home to friends, but it’s quite possibly the most important thing that keeps you comfortable and makes your house livable. Therefore, you want it to be functioning in tiptop shape. When sewer gas or septic odors become noticeable in or around your home, it is a problem. Not only are these odors unpleasant to smell, but they can also be dangerous or toxic. That means it’s important to act fast. If you’re having trouble diagnosing your septic odor issues on your own, call a professional and have he or she perform a septic tank inspection.

In order to cure septic odors, you have to know what’s causing them in the first place. If the problem is coming from inside your home, try to isolate where the odor is coming from. Leaking pipes, loose toilets and fixtures, and poorly vented plumbing drains are all potential culprits. By using specialized equipment, a trained technician should be able to find the problem quickly and be able to suggest appropriate courses of action such as plumbing repair or a septic tank cleaning.

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