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Deciding Where to Put a Septic Tank

When you are planning on building a new home that is not located on the municipal wastewater line, you will need to plan a septic tank installation. Your septic tank system will provide your new home with safe and effective wastewater treatment, right in your backyard. Since a septic tank collects and treats all types of wastewater, it is important to make sure that it is placed in a location that is sanitary and safe. If you are gearing up for a new septic tank installation in San Francisco, read these tips to help you decide where to put your new tank.

Consider City and County Regulations

The Board of Water Supply in your city or county will have strict regulations regarding the proper placement of your septic tank. Before you start to draw up your septic system designs, you will want to carefully review your city’s regulations. Depending on where you live, for example, you may be required to place your septic tank 50 feet or further from the main structure of your house.

Evaluate Drainage and Runoff

In order to function properly, your septic tank will need to be placed on a site known as a leach field. The leach field collects all of the drainage and runoff that flows out of the septic tank. Ideally, your leach field will be located downhill from your septic tank. If a downhill leach field is not achievable, you may need to install a lift station so that your wastewater is properly dispersed.

Examine Surrounding Environmental Considerations

Your septic tank company will be able to help you make sure that your septic tank placement does not pose a threat to the local environment or ecosystem. Septic tanks that are located too close to natural waterways could cause contamination and other hazards. With expert advice from your septic installation professionals, you can rest assured that your septic tank has been placed in the right location on your property.

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