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Different Methods Used to Clear Septic Lines

A septic system is designed to manage all of the wastewater that is generated by your household. In the event that your toilets, sinks, or other drains start to back up with sewage, you may be in need of an emergency septic tank treatment. With assistance from a company that offers 24-hour septic tank maintenance in San Francisco, you can rest assured that you will be able to immediately clear the blockage and return your septic system to proper working order. Let’s review some of the most common methods that plumbers use to clear clogged septic lines.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is one of the most common pipe clearing methods that is used in today’s septic systems. During a hydro jet procedure, your plumber will insert an extremely powerful hose into the clogged section of pipe. Once the hose has been turned on, it will deliver a strong blast of water that will clear away the blockage from your system. Typically, a hydro-jet is extremely successful in clearing clogged septic lines.

Power Rodding

If hydro jetting is not appropriate for your system, your technician may recommend that you schedule a power rodding service. Power rodding is similar to drain snaking but is performed on a much larger scale. When your plumber power rods your clogged septic line, he will place a metal tool deep inside the affected pipe. A claw-like device at the end of the metal unit will break up and clear away the clog.

Preventative Pumping

Oftentimes, clogged septic lines are caused by septic tanks that have not been pumped at regular intervals. In order to keep your septic lines clear and prevent a clog, you will want to schedule septic tank pumping every few years, or whenever your tank is filled to a certain level. A septic tank maintenance company will be able to help you determine how often you need to pump your tank to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

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