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What size septic tank

Find Out What Size Septic Tank You Need

Find Out What Size Septic Tank You Need

Wastewater management is a very important task for every household. Thanks to septic systems, wastewater management is easily regulated. A septic tank can be easily installed if you’re building a house outside of a municipal area. These tanks are also suitable for the household owners who prefer to privately handle the disposal of wastewater.

To have your septic system work as intended, you have to carefully pick the right septic tank size. Today, we are here to help you find out what size septic tank you need.

Why is Septic Tank Size Important?

A septic tank is a vital part of your wastewater management system. Before we go on, you should know that it will serve as the first stop for all the wastewater that comes out of your home. This includes water from the kitchen, laundry, toilets, and showers.

A septic tank will hold wastewaters for an amount of time and then separate the solids from the liquids. This 24-hour time window is important because during this period the bacteria in the tank will break down the solids.

This is where the size comes in. A tank’s efficiency is, in fact, directly related to the system’s ability to break down the waste and separate liquids from solids. If you happen to choose a tank that’s too small, the pressure build-up will release the liquids too soon. This will wash off the bacteria and the solids won’t get broken down properly.

On the other hand, if you choose a tank that’s too big, the tank’s efficiency will be significantly lowered. There won’t be enough liquids inside for the bacteria to form and break down the solids.

The House Size Matters

The house size can help you estimate the size of a septic tank you need. It’s important to note that this method is not the most accurate, but it’s convenient. These calculations are made with the assumption that all the bedrooms are going to be occupied:

  • A household under 1,500 square feet, with one or two bedrooms – 750-gallon tank
  • A household under 2,500 square feet, with three bedrooms – 1,000-gallon tank
  • A household under 3,500 square feet, with four bedrooms – 1,250-gallon tank
  • A household under 5,500 square feet, with five or six bedrooms – 1,315-gallon tank

Water Usage is the Most Important Factor

The house size is a viable factor to consider when calculating the septic tank size but factoring in the water usage is the most accurate way by far. Here is how to pick the tank depending on your daily water usage:

  • 500 gallons or less per day – 900-gallon tank
  • 700 gallons per day – 1,200-gallon tank
  • 900 gallons per day – 1,500-gallon tank
  • 1,240 gallons per day – 1,900-gallon tank

Since the septic tank size will affect the overall efficiency of your sewage system, we advise you to do some research before making the final decision. Hopefully, the information we’ve shared with you will help you find out what size septic tank you need.

If you still have a few questions or are in the market for a septic tank for your home, contact the experts at A-1 Tank.

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