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Gearing Up for a Septic System Inspection

Having your tank inspected at least once per year is an important part of septic system maintenance. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your septic tank remains in good shape, and the only way to know that for sure is to hire a septic professional to inspect your system. A septic tank inspection can identify minor issues before they turn into big, costly problems and help your septic tank service provider assess the performance of your system and recommend solutions to keep everything working optimally. Here are some things you can do to prepare for a septic tank inspection in San Francisco to make sure things go smoothly.

Confirm Your Appointment

If you’ve scheduled a septic system inspection far in advance, it’s a good idea to call the company performing the inspection and confirm your appointment. This is also a good chance for you to ask the company for any specific steps you need to take to get ready for the technician prior to his arriving at your house to inspect your septic system.

Locate the Cover

If you don’t already know where the septic tank access hatch is located, try to locate it prior to the technician arriving at your home. When you find the access hatch, make sure to move potted plants, garden statues, or anything else you’re using to disguise and cover the septic tank access hatch.

Clear Space for the Truck

The septic company will likely arrive in a large truck in case your tank needs to be pumped after the inspection. For the sake of time and ease, move any vehicles that might block the septic truck and prepare to open any gates the technician will need to pass through to inspect your tank.

Keep Pets Inside

If your septic tank access hatch is located in your backyard and you have dogs, keep them inside during the septic inspection. Or you can keep your dogs leashed safely away from where the septic technician will be working.

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