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Getting Clear on the Need for Clarifier Cleaning

f you’re a business owner with a septic tank who relies on water usage, then chances are good that you have a clarifier tank. Maintaining that clarifier is an important part of preventing contaminants from your company from entering the public sewer system. A septic tank maintenance company in San Francisco can handle this job for you.

Clarifier tanks remove sludge from your business’ wastewater. By doing so, you reduce the number of contaminants in the wastewater, so that it can be more easily treated by public water treatment facilities before it reenters the community’s water supply. Failing to treat your water in this way could lead to major fines for your business, as well as negative press. For these reasons, having regular septic tank maintenance that includes clarifier cleaning is essential. Regular cleaning will also help to prevent clarifier malfunctions that can lead to costly repairs and may require your business to suspend operations while the repairs are being made.

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