Go Green With the Help of a Septic Tank [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the average person uses as many as 75 gallons of water at home every day? While many people may not think about what happens to their water after it goes down the drain, it has to go somewhere and be treated so that it doesn’t present a hazard. A septic tank is an environmentally friendly choice for wastewater treatment and removal because it uses natural bacteria to break down waste. Sewer pipes may leak as they get older, releasing contaminated water into the supply. Septic tanks reduce the risk of raw sewage issues at treatment plants and recharge the water supply close to home. Regular septic tank maintenance should keep your system clean and problem-free for years to come. Explore this infographic from A1 Tank Service, a Hayward septic tank pumping company, to learn more about why a septic tank is the greener choice. Feel free to share this info with your friends and neighbors!

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