Household Sewage 101

You’ve heard the word sewage before, but what does it really mean? All of the wastewater that moves from your house into your septic tank in San Francisco is sewage, and it’s important that it’s treated properly. Watch this video for a look at household sewage.

In the past, sewage wasn’t treated at all. In modern times, on the other hand, there are different ways we can process wastewater in order to reduce its potential hazards. There are rules and regulations in every community governing the treatment of sewage, and many households have septic tanks in their backyards. A significant chunk of the wastewater that comes from your house will be from your washing machine and your toilet, but your sinks, showers, and dishwashers add to the mix as well. Keep in mind that rainwater and groundwater are not considered sewage, as this is not waste that came from the house.

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