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How Does a Clarifier Work?

If you operate a car wash or another business that uses a lot of water, you likely have a clarifier tank as part of your septic system. Clarification is the oldest and most widely used operation in the treatment of wastewater. Clarifiers consist of three primary components: the sludge removal system, effluent system, and drive unit. The drive unit powers the clarifier, which forces wastewater downward and settles solids at the bottom of the tank. A scraper arm assembly may also be present in the clarifier to densify and condition the settles solids prior to being drawn off for additional processing.

Make sure that your clarifier is kept clean to ensure public wellbeing, avoid fines, and prevent costly repairs. A septic tank cleaning company can keep your clarifier in good working condition. If your clarifier needs to be cleaned, contact a septic tank company in San Francisco today.

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