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How Grease Trap Pumping Can Protect You from Fines

No matter how much of a chef you are in your personal kitchen, owning a restaurant comes with a few considerations you might not have thought about at home. Clogged drains in San Francisco will hold an elevated level of importance in your routine life, and you will likely form a much closer relationship with your plumbing service. You will also need to be aware of local laws and regulations, which is why grease trap pumping is something to think about. Feel free to keep reading and find out how grease trap pumping can protect you from fines.

The point of a grease trap is to collect cooking grease and prevent it from causing contamination issues, but an overflowing trap can quickly backfire. When you forget to clear out your grease trap, the grease that comes out of your kitchen might find its way into the municipal water system. This type of contamination is punishable by a fine, and the authorities can determine whether or not your establishment is responsible for the contamination. In addition to keeping your kitchen safe and smelling fresh, timely grease trap pumping can make sure your funds are spent according to your business plan.

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