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How to Disguise Your Septic Tank

A septic tank isn’t probably something you want to draw attention to or even want visible to your family, neighbors, and guests. Fortunately, there are some easy ways you can “disguise” your septic tank and prevent it from having any unsightly effect on your home’s landscape or curb appeal. If you’re having a septic tank installed in San Francisco, ask the contractor to place the tank far enough away from your home and hide the cover to the best of his abilities. If you already have a septic tank, here are some steps you can take hide the top of your septic tank cap so your guests and neighbors won’t be the wiser about what’s really buried underground.

Plant Shrubbery or Tall Grass around the Cap

Small plants and tall grass are a great way to camouflage your septic tank, but be careful not to plant large trees or bushes next to the tank. The roots of trees and large bushes can grow into the septic tank seeking moisture and nutrients, which can cause a huge mess that can cost a lot to clean up and repair. As a general rule of thumb, trees should not be located within a 25-foot radius of your septic tank.

Use Light Hardscaping Features

Small rocks, real or fake, can create a stunning landscape feature that also acts to disguise your septic tank. If you use hardscaping features to hide your septic tank, make sure they are light enough that they can be easily moved during septic tank pumping and inspection services.

Hide the Cap with Potted Plants

Potted plants are another effective and aesthetically pleasing way to cover your septic tank. Another benefit of using potted plants is that the pots prevent the roots from interfering with the pipework or even piercing the tank itself. And if you’re thinking about planting vegetables or fruit near the tank, use pots to avoid any contamination of the edibles they produce.

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