How to Locate Your Septic System's Lid

When you schedule a new septic tank installation for your home, you will want to make sure that you are aware of where all of your new septic components are located. A contractor that offers septic tank installation in San Francisco will be able to find the perfect spot to place your septic tank and drain field. Once you are ready to have your septic tank pumped for the first time, you will want to make sure that you know precisely where your septic tank’s lid is located. Here is an overview of some tips that can help you locate the lid for your septic system.

Find Your Septic System’s Diagram

During your initial septic system installation, your contractor will typically draw up a diagram that shows you where each component has been placed. It is important to hold onto this diagram so that you can easily locate and access your tank in the future. When your septic tank pumper reads the diagram, he will typically know exactly where he needs to position his tank.

Look for Visual Clues

If you have misplaced your initial septic system diagram or forgotten where the tank has been installed, you may need to look for visual clues that will tell you where to find your septic tank lid. Over the years and seasons, grass may have grown over the lid’s surface. If you find a very low or very high spot in your grass, this could indicate that the septic tank lid is lying underneath.

Use Pipe Diagnostics

Your home’s septic system is connected to your plumbing through the main septic pipe. In order to figure out where your septic tank is located, you can use your pipe to track the lid down. A small metal rod can be inserted into the ground in short intervals along the surface of your pipe. By tracking the location of your pipe as it travels through your yard, you will be able to find the location of your septic system lid.

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