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How to Restore a Drainfield

Sometimes a septic tank inspection in San Francisco might reveal that your drain field has been compromised. If this is the case, there are a few things your septic tank pumping professionals can do in order to rejuvenate your system. Watch this video clip for tips on how to restore a drain field.

Your drain field serves the purpose of treating wastewater by releasing it into soil or rock, but sometimes solids make their way out of the tank. Fortunately, a professional septic tank company can vacuum out the solids and clear out your individual lines. After each line has been jetted, bacteria will be able to flood the system and restore the soil. Another tool that can be used is an effluent filter. This will prevent solids from the septic tank from flowing out and into the drain field, but it should be inspected and cleaned out at least once per year.

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