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Hydro Jetting Service


Hydro Jetting Service


Hydro jetting is a powerful method of cleaning clogged sewer drains. Your plumber uses a flexible hose that emits a jet of pressurized water to scour away stubborn buildup and blockages that cause slow drainage or even sewage backups. A-1 Septic Tank Service, Inc. is pleased to offer hydro jet cleaning in San Francisco, as well as plumbing services, grease trap cleaning and septic tank treatment to keep your sewage treatment systems operating problem- and stress-free.

Experiencing a sewer line blockage?

When do you need hydro jetting service?


Signs of a sewer line clog and drain blockage indicate the need for professional attention. If you notice a pervasive raw sewage smell, water backing up into your toilets, sinks, or tubs, or gurgling in your toilets or other fixtures, you may have a sewer line clog.


Sewer line problems caused by tree roots growing into the drainage pipe can also be addressed via hydro jet cleaning. Your plumber can thread the hydro jet hose through your sewer pipe and use the pressurized water to break up and flush away any tree roots clogging the line. However, tree roots can damage the sewer pipe, leading to leaks that cause standing water or a raw sewage smell in your yard. If the sewer line is broken, it will need repairs after the service is complete.


Hydro jet cleaning can serve either as a one-time solution for sewage backup, or as a routine maintenance procedure to keep your drain lines clear. Your plumbing professional can give you personalized advice to help you address or prevent clogs that cause sewage backup and other problems.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting Service

This unique plumbing solution that offers many benefits. Your plumbing service can easily determine if hydro jet cleaning will meet your plumbing needs.

  1. Hydro jet cleaning is extremely effective at breaking up grease clogs and grease buildup inside your drains. If grease is the cause of your drainage troubles, this is often a better solution than snaking.

  2. During hydro jetting, the water used to clean out your pipes and any debris that is dislodged is captured and either reused or disposed of properly. Thus, it is a greener method of drain cleaning that won’t introduce debris or chemicals into the environment.

  3. This is a versatile solution that won’t damage your pipes as it cleans. Your plumber’s hydro jet tools are extremely maneuverable, capable of cleaning out large sewer lines and smaller home drains.

At A-1 Septic Tank Service, Inc., we are dedicated to delivering top-quality hydro jet maintenance and plumbing services at an affordable price. Please call us today to learn more about our hydro jet cleaning service, septic tank treatment, and waste disposal in San Francisco.

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