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Identifying the Warning Signs of Septic Tank Failure

A malfunctioning septic system in San Francisco can mean big problems for the homeowner, so it is wise to learn about the signs that indicate upcoming failure or malfunctions. If your septic system begins to fail, you might first notice problems with your household fixtures, or you might pick up on strange aromas that do not belong in your home. A septic tank inspection professional can take a closer look at your system to identify the nature and severity of the problem. Here are a few tips for identifying the warning signs of septic tank failure.

Household Problems

Just like other household appliances and fixtures, your septic tank will give you some notice before it fails. If you suddenly notice that your plumbing appliances make gurgling noises or have trouble draining at a reasonable rate, you might be at risk for septic tank failure. Plumbing backups and the presence of bacteria in your water also point towards the same problem. Although strange sounds and slow drainage might not be the most severe issues, they can be symptoms of more significant problems and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from developing.

Strong Odors

One particular problem that may occur when your septic tank fails is the drainage of solid or untreated sewage into your drain field. If you notice a smell of sewage in the air on or around your property, you might already be dealing with this problem. Take a walk around your yard and check to see if you notice a sewage smell coming from the ground. If the odor is stronger in one area than it is in others, you might be able to identify the location of the problem by following the aroma.

Professional Inspection

If you are worried that your septic tank might be malfunctioning or on the verge of failure, there is no substitute for calling a professional. You should always call your septic tank company if you notice any of these issues so that they can take a look at your system as well as diagnose and treat the problem.

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