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hydro jetting
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Drain Clog Solutions:

  • Clear out debris
  • Restore water flow
  • Stop drain backups
  • Chemical-free

Proud members of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians and California Onsite Water Association.

County permitted for septic tank and grease trap pumping in Alameda County, Contra Costa County, San Francisco County, San Mateo County, and Santa Clara County.

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when do you need drain service?

Water backing up

slow draining

sewage smell

gurgling noise

hydro jetting vs. snaking

what is hydro jetting?

A hydro-jet is a hose connected to a machine that pressurizes water and sends a powerful stream shooting out of a specialized nozzle at up to 60,000 psi. This is used to clear out grease, hair, soap scum, mineral buildup, and other debris from the drain. A powerful enough hydro-jet can even break up tree roots that have invaded the pipe. Submit a service request today.


Cleans as it clears
Powerful enough to clear tree roots
Slows future build-up

what is snaking?

Also referred to as sewer snakes or plumbing augers, plumbing snakes are metal tubes through which a cable runs. At one end of the cable, either a blade or a corkscrew auger is attached. At the other end, there is a hand crank that is used to extend and retract the cable. Schedule drain clog service today.


Great for smaller clogs
Affordable solution
Requires less-specialized equipment


We offer 24-hour emergency services for residential properties and commercial properties.


When you call A-1 Septic Tank Service, you’ll speak to a live person who will explain the pricing for your emergency and the necessary work that will be performed. Emergency service is more expensive, so we’ll tell you if the work you need can wait for an appointment during our regular business hours. Pricing for emergency septic tank services is determined by the scope of the job, the time of day, and the day of the week.


We begin by evaluating your emergency and dispatching our team to your property. Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll provide you with quick and efficient repairs, making sure to clean up any waste that has accumulated.

What our customers are saying

Ryland E.

Google revew

"Awesome service from these guys they were very professional and prompt gave me all the particulars on pricing and did an awesome job they pay attention to details and communicate well highly recommend a1 septic"

Navid S.

Yelp review

"As a commercial customer, I am very happy with their service. They show up as scheduled on time every time to clean out my car wash sump.  I have been working with A1 for about six years now and will continue to do so because of their great customer service and focus on quality."

Beverly Y.

Google review

"This company came out the same day that we called, very professional and they gave us excellent service. They also gave us information that we needed to do further repairs. I highly recommend this company!"

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