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Looking at Common Plumbing Emergencies

There is a multitude of plumbing situations that may occur with little to no advanced notice; this is why it is important to trust in your San Francisco septic tank care service. From burst pipes to faulty sewage ejector tanks to malfunctioning septic tanks, no one is invulnerable to malfunctions. Here is a closer look at a few common plumbing emergencies.

Burst Pipes

Different pipes are meant to transfer different types of materials around your house, into your house, or out of your house. Unfortunately, a burst pipe can be an immediate emergency that can lead to expensive repairs if it is not addressed in time. A pipe may burst due to cold weather, or it may even be penetrated by a tree root. If a pipe that carries water ends up bursting inside your wall, you may be facing the possibility of severe water damage; this water damage can lead to costly repairs as well as the growth of harmful mold. If you notice or suspect a burst pipe, call your plumber or septic tank professional as soon as possible.

Septic Tanks

If your septic system malfunctions, your toilet may overflow and your drains might make unusual noises. Besides being inconvenient, an overflowing toilet is dangerous due to its potential to cause water damage to the floor surrounding the toilet. This can damage tiles and cause floorboards to warp. This may all be due to the malfunction of the drain field, which is where wastewater goes to soak into the ground. This septic tank emergency and related issues that may require septic tank pumping should be left to professionals.

Sewage Ejector Tanks

Sewage ejector tanks are important for bathrooms below ground level and are sometimes used as catalysts for the flow of wastewater. Malfunctioning may prevent waste from reaching the septic tank.

Certain plumbing emergencies are more common than others. Cold weather and tree roots tend to cause burst pipes, while septic tank malfunctions lead to overflowing toilets and water damage. If your sewer ejector tank is not working properly, your waste disposal may be inhibited because the waste cannot reach the septic tank.

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