Managing Oil and Grease Disposal

You’re going to have some oil and grease to deal with if you work in a commercial kitchen, but doing it the wrong way can cause problems for your business, your customer, and even your community as a whole. If you have any questions about how to deal with your grease, talk to your plumbing service in San Francisco or do some independent research. Watch this video for tips on managing disposal.

Dealing with your oil and grease the wrong way will create plumbing problems for your business, and you could even end up getting fined. Don’t pour oil or grease into your sink or garbage disposal. You should have a grease trap and a separate grease and oil recycling container so you can keep these byproducts out of your plumbing system. Scrape off your plates before you put them in the sink, and have a couple of grease buckets on hand.

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