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Septic Tank Installation - 3 Steps for Preparing Your Home for Independent Sewage

Septic Tank Installation – 3 Steps for Preparing Your Home for Independent Sewage

Homes around the country are looking for different ways to conserve resources and optimize energy. You can see this through the popularity of solar panels and the trend of energy-efficient designs. Besides energy management, you can also improve your other amenities like ventilation and sewage.

A septic tank system gives you numerous benefits. It eliminates your public water bills, while only requiring low-maintenance work every 3-5 years. It’s the reason why many homeowners are considering the long-term investment of installing one for their home.

How to Prepare for Septic Tank Installation

Septic tank installation should go seamlessly as long as you hire professionals to do the job. Nevertheless, you still need to prepare on your side if you want to avoid any hassles along the way.

If you’re finally ready to install a septic tank, here’s a three-step guide on how to welcome your new septic tank:

Step#1: Block off your calendar

Although putting the tank in the ground won’t take long, the entire process, from installation to permit submissions, will take weeks. Before septic tank installation can begin, you need to ensure that your project follows all regulations on different fronts.

Soil inspections and building permits are just some of the paperwork that you need to address. These requirements will vary by state, with some being more difficult to process than others. It can be challenging to track all these documents, which is why it’s best to hire a septic tank installer that’s familiar with your local codes and regulations.

Step#2: Plan a short vacation

You need to shut off all your water and plumbing fixtures before the septic tank can be integrated into your system. This will prevent you from doing laundry, taking a bath, or cooking meals. During the installation itself, it’s best to be away from home. Unless you’re comfortable with not using running water for a few days, it’s best to find somewhere else to stay while your plumbing receives a makeover.

Before you leave your home for your short vacation, it’s crucial to maintain communication with your septic tank installer. It’s not uncommon to experience unexpected issues with anything that involves construction and plumbing, so it’s best to stay in the loop of all things. Ask for a contact number you can reach to receive updates on the installation’s progress and whether you’ll need to extend your stay away from home.

Step#3: Research topics about septic tank maintenance

Septic systems are expensive investments that aim to make you independently sustainable for your home’s water needs. Although it has a huge reward for its cost, it’s also a responsibility that you should learn to care for and maintain. Learning the basics of what you can and can’t flush, the intervals between pumps, and remedies for clogs and leaks are all vital information you should research.

After the installation, request a detailed blueprint on the different parts of the fixtures around your property. You should then ask questions about how you should maintain it independently and when you should ask for professional help.


Septic tanks can last for 2-4 decades, saving you thousands of dollars on water bills with its on-site water filtration systems. A septic tank installation will add a utility to your home that will serve you well past your retirement years. Making your home energy-efficient isn’t just a fad that will fade away eventually. Brands and consumers are putting more importance on these features because it’s a new way of thinking that minimizes and remedies potential damage to the environment.

Keeping a septic tank is a massive responsibility, which may be too hard for you to handle yourself. At A-1 Tank Service, we provide our clients with expert services to keep their septic systems durable and long-lasting. If you need plumbing repairs or emergency septic pumping services in Santa Clara County and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, contact us today.

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