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Preventing Clogs in Your Septic Line

Septic line clogs are among the worst plumbing emergencies you can experience, especially when toilets and drains start overflowing with raw sewage. Fortunately, there are some easy things you can do to prevent clogs in your septic line. For starters, don’t flush anything but human waste and toilet paper. Also avoid pouring fats, oils, and grease down the drains since these can coagulate in the septic line and cause a blockage. As far as drain cleaning is concerned, natural remedies such as baking soda, boiling water, and vinegar are recommended.

It’s also a good idea to have your septic line inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Contact a septic tank cleaning company in San Francisco that provides hydro jetting and sewer snaking to keep your septic line free of clogs.

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