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Reading the Warning Signs of a Septic System Failure

A failing septic tank system can place your household, neighbors, and surrounding environment at serious risk of exposure to unsanitary waste. By taking the time to inspect your septic system for signs of issues, you can help to avoid the stress and strain of a catastrophic failure to your system. With services from a company that provides septic tank inspection near San Francisco, you will be able to easily identify the warning signs that your septic tank is about to go out. Here is an overview of some of the most common warning signs of a septic system failure.

Clogged Drains

The signs of a septic system failure may initially start to appear in the drains throughout your home. If your septic system is at risk of failing, it may cause your drains or toilets to start backing up with sewage. You might also notice that one or more drains throughout your home start to drain more slowly than usual. Any odors of raw sewage or sulfur should also give you cause for concern.

Overflowing Tank

To determine whether your septic system is about to fail, you can also take a look at the condition of your septic tank. A septic tank that is on the verge of failure may start to overflow and leak in the surrounding grass or soil. You can determine whether your tank is overflowing by looking for soggy earth or wet patches in the areas that are directly adjacent to your septic tank.

Lush Green Grass

While every homeowner desires a healthy and green lawn, very lush, overgrown grass could point to an underlying septic tank failure. When your septic system starts to leak and spill into the surrounding drain field, it could cause the grass in that area to grow at a rapid rate. When you notice very green, lush grass around your septic tank area, you will want to schedule immediate services from your septic tank maintenance company.

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