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5 Symptoms that Signal it's Time to Schedule Septic Tank Cleaning

5 Symptoms that Signal it’s Time to Schedule Septic Tank Cleaning

It’s only natural that the cost of a septic tank cleaning will come into play when considering whether or not to get one. Among other things, septic tanks are great for the environment. They use less energy, and the wastewater they pump doesn’t really cover long distances for processing. It’s no wonder that they have gained popularity over the years, as opposed to simply relying on sewer systems.

Of course, they require maintenance, and cleaning a septic tank is key, especially for homes. While other systems with float switches running on electricity and those with mechanical parts need to be checked at least once per year, an average household septic tank does not need to be pumped for 3-5 years.

There is still a chance it could be full much earlier than that, such as if it clogs for one reason or another. It should be kept clean and checked up on especially if there has been a natural disaster.

5 Signs That You Need Septic Tank Cleaning

There could be several factors that come into play when it comes to determining whether or not it’s time for septic tank cleaning by a professional:

1. Backed Up Sewer

While this is easily the symptom or issue you least want to experience, it can unfortunately happen. When a septic tank hits full capacity, there will be gross occurrences throughout your drains. Check from the basement upwards; the lowest drains will certainly start to leak first.

2. Clogged Toilet

Many items are tossed into the toilet and flushed mindlessly, with the theory that it will all break down or wash away through the strong waters. This is not true and can actually cause major problems. Septic tanks are not designed to break down items like feminine hygiene products, medication, and wet wipes.

3. Displaced, Random Puddles

A full septic tank needs to let itself out somewhere. This is why sudden pools of water all over your property are definitely a bad sign relating back to the tank. Check the surroundings of the tank itself, alongside the drain field that may indicate that it’s time to get your septic tank cleaned.

4. Gross Smell

Most septic tanks are designed, by default, to keep waste smells at bay. If seemingly noxious fumes are making their way into your home nonetheless, there is a problem. A healthy septic tank should not emit bothersome, intrusive, unusual odors.

5. Overflow

This doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of waste spilling out of a burst cap or something similar. In fact, it could be as simple as a pool of water building up on the tank lid.


Septic tanks are actually quite easy to take good care of. A good rule of thumb to go by is that anything that goes down your drain will end up in it. As much as we want things to run smoothly, however, it is also key to remember that accidents may happen and that negligence will definitely create long-term problems. When it’s time for septic tank cleaning, trust the professionals to take on the project.

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