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Liquid Waste Removal Services

Septic Tank Repair in the San Francisco Bay Area

A-1 Septic Tank Service has been assisting clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 60 years. Our family owned and operated company was established in 1953; since then, we have helped hundreds of clients with routine septic tank and plumbing maintenance, as well as emergency services. We have a vast range of expertise, and can help help clients with a number of liquid waste and septic tank related issues.

Septic Tank Draining

Septic Tank Pumping

If a septic tank is properly maintained, it may only require pumping services every three to five years; however, if numerous people use a septic tank system, it may require frequent pumping services. You may determine if your septic tank requires pumping by inspecting the amount of scum and sludge layers in the tank.

Septic Drainage System

Construction Services

Our company can design and draft simple or complex septic tank systems, as well as drainage and grading systems. We can also design sub-surface and runoff drains, and perform septic system repairs. We can also install sewer lift stations, stormwater and bioswale systems, claifier tanks, grease traps, car wash systems and perform city sewer hook ups.

A-1 Septic Tank Service Truck

Grease Trap Pumping

We can execute scheduled or emergency grease trap pumping services for businesses. Our company specializes in confined space entry cleaning to remove grease that other companies may not be able to reach. When we complete a grease trap pumping, our team can also ensure that the grease trap is properly functioning, as well as repair broken or obstructed lines.

A-1 Septic Tank Service

Clarifier Cleaning

If you run a car wash or another business that uses a lot of water, you likely have a clarifier tank as part of your system. The team at A-1 Septic Tank Service has plenty of experience cleaning clarifiers for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area

Storm Drain

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the act of cleaning drains via the use of extreme water pressure. Commercial properties such as restaurants or hospitals often require hydro jetting, but we can use hydro jetting for residences, as well. The jetting tool exerts a high water pressure stream that cleans pipes and their walls while it moves through the drain.

Man installing septic tank

Other Pumping Services

A-1 Septic Tank Service also offers car wash pumping, sewage ejector tank pumping, storm water pumping, non-hazardous pumping, and commercial and residential disposal of regular waste streams. Regular water streams include ponds, swimming pools, and fountains, while non-hazardous pumping includes the removal and disposal of soft drink syrup, burnt chocolate, digester sludge, food waste, grit waste, and more.

Septic System Underground

24-Hour Emergency Services

At A-1 Septic Tank Service, we have the ability to perform emergency septic tank, grease trap, and sewage ejector tank pumping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team understands that septic tank and plumbing problems may occur at any hour, and we do not want our customers to suffer with their issue until morning.

Grease Trap Pumping

Liquid Waste Removal Assistance In The San Francisco Bay Area

No matter what kind of septic tank or plumbing issue you are facing, we at A-1 Septic Tank Service have the ability to help. We offer outstanding and affordable septic repair services, and we strive to resolve our clients’ plumbing issues as quickly as possible. We have served the greater San Francisco Bay Area for more than 60 years, and gained the reputation of being an honest and hardworking company.

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