Signs of a Septic Tank Emergency

An emergency is a situation that inherently requires immediate attention, and one regarding your septic tank in San Francisco is cause for a prompt call to your septic tank professional. If you want to ensure that your septic system stays in top shape, you will need to recognize the signs of an emergency so you can call for help as soon as possible. These indicators may manifest inside the house, outside your home, or throughout your property. Read on for a brief look at some of the signs of a septic tank emergency.

Inside the Home

The sooner you notice the signs of a septic tank emergency, the easier the recovery process tends to be. Some of the indicators that suggest you are dealing with a septic tank emergency will occur inside your home. When you flush your toilet, consider how long it takes for it to drain. If your toilets are draining much more slowly than they normally would, they might be pointing you towards a septic emergency. Your toilets are not the only appliances in the house that can indicate a problem with your septic tank; your sinks and tubs might also back up and fill with wastewater. Call a professional if you notice any of these symptoms.

Outside the Home

Just because you don’t notice any signs inside the home does not necessarily mean you are in the clear. Nice green grass over your absorption field may appear as a good sign, but in dry weather, it might indicate the opposite. When liquid moves upwards from your septic tank rather than downwards, it might be due to a problem. You may also notice liquid wastewater on the surface of your ground, especially in the vicinity of the septic tank; this may indicate a failing tank.

Around Your Property

Certain signs of emergency may be found inside or outside your home. Wastewater emits an aroma, but it is certainly not a pleasant one. If you notice a foul odor inside your home or in your yard, it could be stemming from a problem with your septic tank.

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