Signs You Need a Septic System Inspection

Experts recommend that homeowners have their septic tank inspection in San Francisco completed once every three years. If it’s been three or more years since your septic system was last checked, consider scheduling an appointment right away.

There are several other conditions that can signal a need for septic tank inspection. Pooling water in your yard, a smelly odor in the area, or an abundance of vegetation around your septic tank’s location are all signs that your tank is full or is leaking due to damage. Clogged drain field pipes can also lead to pooling water on your property.

If you notice that your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs are draining more slowly than usual, this can indicate a need for septic tank pumping. Other symptoms include sewage water backing up through your pipes and foul smells emanating from your drains. If you notice any of these warning signs, schedule a septic tank inspection as soon as possible.

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