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Spotlight on Grease Trap Pumping

As the owner of a commercial restaurant or kitchen, it is necessary to take all of the steps needed to keep your kitchen in a safe condition for your employees and customers. One of the vital steps of commercial kitchen maintenance is grease trap cleaning. By cleaning your grease trap, you can ensure that your kitchen is up to code and safe from the risk of fire or overflowing grease. By setting up routine grease trap cleaning services with a company offering hydro jetting in San Francisco, you can keep your grease traps properly cleaned and maintained.

During a grease trap cleaning procedure, your technician will measure the total amount of grease in your system. Next, the technician will use hydro jetting equipment to push any fat, oil, or grease out of your pipes. Finally, any residue or build-up will be carefully scraped away and removed. To keep your commercial kitchen in terrific shape, you should be sure to schedule professional grease trap cleaning today.

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