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Steps to Take If Your Septic System Floods

In the event of heavy rain, flooding, or a related natural disaster, your septic tank in San Francisco may be in trouble; these types of weather patterns can cause your septic system to flood as well, which can get messy. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent the situation from turning disastrous. Keep reading for a brief look at a few steps to take if your septic system floods.

Shut Down the System
It is important to note that a system that undergoes regular septic tank inspection and pumping is better equipped to handle flooding. If you notice that the area above your septic tank is beginning to become saturated with water or if your local news and weather discuss any type of flood warning, this is the time to take action. At this point it is a good idea to shut down the system; if the flooding is likely to get worse, you will not want your septic system to try to combat the conditions. Seal the septic tank inspection ports as well as the manhole and any points where materials can flow through the system. Then turn off the pump and the electricity, and waterproof your electrical connections if you have time.

Cut Down on Water Use
After you have shut down your septic system, you should be careful to minimize the amount of water that you and your family use. Avoid using the garbage disposal, washing machine, and dishwasher, and make sure that no one is showering too frequently; in addition to showering less often, shower more quickly to avoid sending too much water to your septic tank during a flood. You should also try to divert water from your gutters to areas other than your drain field during this time.

Call a Professional
Although the flooding will eventually dissipate on its own, it is a good idea to call a septic tank treatment professional after a septic system flood. Your specialist can perform a septic tank inspection and make sure that your system is in proper working condition and able to function normally after the flood.

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