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Drainage Solutions: 6 Benefits of a Proper Storm Drain Maintenance

An unmaintained storm drain can result in detention or retention drains being filled with sediment or debris. Once drains clog to the point of stopping the flow of water, accumulation, and eventually, flooding occurs.

Inundated drains can cause basement and street flooding. Many areas require detention tanks inside a property that temporarily hold runoff during heavy rains. There may be restrictions on the outlet flow to the public sewer.

The purpose of a storm drain is to collect stormwater runoff from the roadway and convey it to an outfall. This reduces the risk of overwhelming the public sewer. Some storm drains mix stormwater with sewage, either intentionally in the case of combined sewers, or unintentionally. These have become the main problem and publicly have the storm drain properly maintained.

How Storm Drain Maintenance Affects Your Property

Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of how proper storm drain maintenance can impact your property, community, and environment. Take a look:

1. Reduce flooding

Particularly low-lying areas have a weekly cleaning of the storm drain from debris and sediments. The responsibility of storm drain maintenance on private property rests entirely upon the landowners affected and benefitted.

2. Reduce icy patches

Water that is not guided into storm drains can create dangerous conditions on roadways, paths, and driveways. In the winter, pooling water that freezes significantly increases the potential for car accidents.

3. Minimize water contaminants

Property owners are liable for damage to the upstream or the downstream. Proper storm drain maintenance is critical to avoid contaminating sources of drinking water as well as local waterways. A property owner can get in trouble for failure to properly maintain storm drainage facilities on or across his property.

4. Avoid infrastructure damages

Water that backs up from clogged storm drains can cause damage when it is no longer being diverted away from buildings, highways, sidewalks, basements, cars, plumbing systems, and cables. Existing storm drainage facilities, including pipes, drains, and swales, cannot be closed, obstructed, or altered in a way that would reduce the capacity for conveying the stormwater across or onto private property.

5. Reduce soil erosion

Stagnant water accumulated can make soil muddy leading soil to erode. Soil erosion can negatively impact plants and their ability to establish root systems and can even lead to mud and landslides. 

6. Enhance your property’s visual appeal

Properly maintained storm drains allow your property to direct excess water which helps landscaping thrive. A well-maintained storm drain system can increase property values and enhance communities by making them more beautiful, sustainable, and wildlife-friendly.

Storm Drain Maintenance Best Practices

Ensure regular cleaning of catch basins and storm drains in your drainage system. These should be cleaned out before the storage area is half-full. Once this level is reached, debris begins to wash into sewer pipes. Cleaning these storage areas should be performed by your local jurisdiction or a private contractor. Contact your local public works department if you are concerned about the catch basins in your neighborhood.

Another way of taking good care of your storm drains is labeling storm drains ‐ stenciled signs or applied decals that read “Dump No Waste ‐ Drains to River” is a good reminder that nothing but water should enter a storm drain. Remember only rain in the drain. Never dump motor oil, chemicals, pet waste, dirty or soapy water, or anything else down the storm drain. All of these materials pollute our lakes and rivers! Dispose of it properly. Take household hazardous waste such as paint, motor oil, etc. to a local collection event.

Closing Notes

Having a clean environment is of primary importance for our health and economy. Clean waterways and properly maintained storm drains provide recreation, commercial opportunities, fish habitat, and add beauty to our landscape. All of us benefit from clean water. All of us have a role in keeping our lakes, rivers, wetlands, and groundwater clean.

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