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Tackle Your Tree Root Problem with Hydro Jetting

Common blockages in sewer drains include tree roots, which can gradually grow into the pipes. If you suspect that tree roots are to blame for your clogged bathtub and sinks, it’s time to look for hydro jetting services available in San Francisco. During your service call, the plumber will use a special device that emits pressurized water into the pipes. Hydro jetting can effectively clear away tree roots and other causes of slow draining pipes, including grease buildup.

It isn’t always easy for homeowners to determine when tree roots are to blame for their plumbing problems. In addition to sluggish drains, the presence of a foul odor may indicate that it’s time to schedule hydro jetting services. You might notice noxious gases coming up from plumbing fixtures, or you may notice a foul odor outside of your home near the leach field. The outdoor odor might mean that the tree roots have grown into the waste line that extends from the house to the tank.

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