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The Components of a Clarifier Tank

If you are seeking a great way to preserve the safety and performance of your septic system, you may want to ask your septic tank installers in San Francisco about the benefits of a clarifier tank. Clarifier tanks are typically used by businesses that generate high amounts of wastewater. Before water travels into the septic tank, it will be thoroughly filtered and cleaned in the clarifier tank.

A clarifier tank is composed of three main components. First, a sludge removal system eliminates any solid waste from the wastewater. After the wastewater has been processed by the sludge removal system, it will be cleaned by an effluent system. The effluent system further cleans and decontaminates the water. In order to power both the sludge removal system and the effluent system, the clarifier tank is also equipped with a drive unit. All of these components require regular care and maintenance in order to remain operational.

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