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The Different Types of Septic Systems

Are you thinking about installing a new septic system for your home or business? If so, you will need to decide which type of septic system you want before you have septic tank installation done. There are a handful of different septic systems that are available, and the septic system in San Francisco that you choose will ultimately decide what type of maintenance and cleaning you will need to do down the line. Read on to hear about several of the most popular types of septic systems.

Gravity Septic System

For years now, this has been the most common type of septic system. It uses gravity to move wastewater from your septic tank out into your drain field. When you have septic tank installation done using this type of system, you will need to work with a company that knows exactly what they are doing. Otherwise, you could run into problems later on if the system backs up on you. Maintaining it is as simple as having routine septic tank pumping and inspection completed.

Pressure Distribution Septic System

While gravity septic systems are still very common, many home and business owners are opting for pressure distribution septic systems today because they are more efficient when it comes to distributing treated wastewater throughout a drain field. This type of system is equipped with a pump that moves the water through the system more quickly than gravity does. You will need to do the same kind of maintenance on this septic system that you would do on the gravity system.

Mound Septic System

Do you have a minimal amount of soil available outside your home or business that can be used for your septic system? That’s not a problem with this type of septic system. A septic tank company can build a mound for you that will house your drain field. It won’t necessarily be the prettiest thing on your property, but it will get the job done. Other alternative septic systems include aerobic treatment units and sand filter systems, which also have their advantages for those looking for other types of septic systems.

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