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The Risks of a Dirty Clarifier

Your clarifier is responsible for reducing contamination in the wastewater that moves out of your septic tank in San Francisco. Without clarifier cleaner, this could be problematic. A clarifier tank relies on a few different systems to filter your wastewater and prepare it to enter the public sewer system. Failing to keep your clarifier clean can turn out to be a risky and expensive venture. Feel free to keep reading if you would like to learn about the risks of a dirty clarifier.

A dirty or malfunctioning clarifier will fail to do its job of cleaning wastewater before it moves to the sewer system, which is an issue for a few different reasons. If an excessive amount of untreated wastewater is sent to the public sewer system, the water treatment facilities might not be able to adequately filter out the remaining contaminants; this creates a threat to the well-being of your community. A dirty clarifier can also start to malfunction and cause bigger problems for your septic system, ultimately leading to expensive repairs. If you want to protect public health and keep your septic system in top shape, it is important that you clean your clarifier on a regular basis.

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