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Video Inspection of Sewer and Storm Lines 

Thanks to video technology, diagnosing and repairing issues inside sewer lines is now easier than ever before. This is good news, as sewer line issues can lead to costly damage if left unaddressed. If your commercial business has a problem with an underground pipe, the team at A-1 Septic Tank Service can provide you with the safe, thorough, and professional inspection services you require.

How Video Inspections Work

A video inspection is performed using a waterproof video camera attached to the end of a long, flexible rod. The rod is inserted into the pipe and pulled through the entire line. The camera sends back clear images that can be used to diagnose the problem and pinpoint its exact location inside the pipe. These images can be saved for future reference.

Once your sewer line inspectors have determined what the problem is, they can recommend a repair. In some cases, the problem will require only a simple and straightforward fix. In other cases, it may be determined that the condition of the entire sewer line is poor enough to warrant complete replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Video Inspections?

  • Video inspections provide the most accurate assessment of any sewer line issue, which means that repairs will be even more effective.
  • Video inspections also provide the fastest and most efficient way to find out what is wrong with your sewer line. Instead of waiting around for your sewer line inspectors to dig up the pipe, you can receive a diagnosis of the issue right away.
  • Video inspections can be used to identify a wide range of potential problems, including root intrusions, leaking pipes, pipe corrosion, unexplained backups, and any obstructions inside the sewer line.
  • Video inspections are a completely non-invasive way to identify sewer line problems. Your sewer line inspectors won’t have to dig up your yard and disturb your landscaping; instead, they can identify the problem without disturbing a single blade of grass.

Contact A-1 Septic Tank Service

Are you dealing with a sewer line problem? A-1 Septic Tank Service offers septic tank maintenance, septic tank pumping, drain cleaning, and a host of other essential services. We have been serving the greater Bay Area since 1953, and our team is available around the clock to respond to all plumbing emergencies. If you’d like to learn more about the sewer line and septic tank services we provide, call us today at (510) 886-4455.