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4 Warning Signs To Empty Out Your Septic Tank Immediately

4 Warning Signs To Empty Out Your Septic Tank Immediately

It can be quite challenging to figure out when you should empty your septic tank to continue benefiting from it and using it regularly without problems. Over time, it’s possible to experience difficulties regarding your septic system, which could lead to a mess that you don’t want to deal with without the necessary supervision!

While most septic tanks are expected to last for over fifty years with proper maintenance, it’s possible to experience problems if you don’t know how to care for your tank properly. As a result, you don’t make the most out of your system and end up with a malfunctioning septic tank.

The problems that can occur in your septic tank come from the various waste you tend to dispose of in your kitchen sink, bathtubs, and toilets. But with regular maintenance and septic inspection, you can keep the quality condition of your tank. However, certain situations will require asking for an expert’s help to manage your septic tank.

Warning Signs That You Need to Empty Out Your Septic Tank Now

Below are 4 alarming signs that you are far past due for septic tank cleaning and need to schedule service to empty out your septic tank as soon as possible.

1. You Experience a Foul Smell

A septic tank that produces an unusual stench will immediately indicate that something’s wrong with your system and you need to empty out your septic tank. If gases seem to be coming from your tank due to the waste it has accumulated, it’s best to contact emergency septic pumping services to take care of the situation.

It happens when the amount of waste is close to reaching the top that gases start to seep through the tank. Initiating the proper precautionary measures when you notice the strong odor can prevent the condition from becoming worse.

2. There are Gurgling Sounds in Your Pipes

When you think you’re safe from experiencing unwanted smells, you aren’t entirely okay just yet. If you can hear unusual sounds, such as a gurgling noise, coming from your septic tank, and it backs up each time you flush the toilet or drain your sink, then there may be an issue you’re facing!

Witnessing a gurgling sound is due to a buildup in your septic tank’s airflow, which could lead to major problems if left unattended. Septic tank installers will need to address your system immediately to drain it and prevent more significant situations from occurring.

3. The Flush is Not Working Properly

When your septic tank becomes too full to function correctly, you can expect your toilet to start acting differently. When you use the flush, and it doesn’t work completely or tends to flush slowly while producing a weird noise like gurgling or bubbling, then there’s something wrong with your system.

Aside from your toilet, you can also experience a malfunction in your bathtub or shower. If they take a while to drain the water more than usual, then it’s a sure sign that you’re experiencing a clog or your septic tank is backing up.

4. Water is Accumulating Around Your Tank

When you see your yard is filled with pooling water, it can sometimes indicate a problem in your septic tank. Having water build-up near your tank could mean that your system is full and has reached a full load!

It happens when the solid waste inside your tank begins to clog your system, resulting in an overflowing liquid that has already started to find its way to the top. If you don’t attend to your septic tank as early as possible, the situation can develop soggy patches that lead to pools, greatly affecting your property.


Your septic tank is an essential part of your home because it guarantees that your plumbing fixtures, water system, and drainage are all working well. If you notice a foul smell, a gurgling sound, a malfunctioning flush, or water accumulation around your tank, you should call for septic tank emergency solutions right away because you need to empty out your septic tank immediately. The right professionals can take care of your situation and keep your septic tank from failing and making a mess in your home.

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