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What Are the Most Common Septic System Problems?

Septic systems in San Francisco are known for being reliable and safe systems for waste disposal. However, septic system emergencies do happen, and problems with septic systems are more likely to occur if septic tank cleaning and care aren’t part of a home maintenance routine. Here are some of the most common septic system problems homeowners run into and what you can do to avoid them.

Backups and Clogs

Of all the septic system problems a homeowner could face, backups and clogs are probably some of the most feared. No one likes the idea of dirty sewage seeping back up through drains and into their home! To avoid these issues, keep non-septic-safe wastes out of your drains. This includes expandable and congealing substances like grease, cotton, diapers, gauze, and tampons. Regular septic tank cleaning is also important.

Tree Root Infiltration

Another common problem found in poorly-maintained septic systems is tree root infiltration. Tree roots are drawn to the nutrient- and moisture-rich waste found in septic tanks and lines. It’s common for tree roots to slowly creep around and into septic tanks and lines, capitalizing on small leaks and cracks, and expanding them with time. Professional septic tank installation should account for nearby trees and plants to ensure that infiltration is unlikely.

Damage to Septic Lines from Digging

If you’re tackling a project in your backyard, make sure you call 811 before starting to have your septic lines and other utility lines marked prior to digging. Homeowners often damage their septic systems by digging right into them, leading to costly pipe repairs and replacement.

Sewer Odors in the Home

The last and most easily noticeable problem commonly found in San Francisco septic systems is sewer odor buildup within the home. This can happen when there is a clog in your septic system’s ventilation, causing gasses to get trapped in the home. If this happens, call a 24-hour septic system emergency service to clear your vent and eliminate that smelly sewer odor.

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